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About FFI.

Bringing together leading investors, family offices and business leaders to advance the global dialogue in impact finance.

FFI represents a number of the world’s leading family office principals, investors, and private business owners. Our mission is to engage the unengaged in impact finance and to bring new opportunities for impact to our global community of investors. Unlike a conference, our invitation-only gatherings are designed to create intimate, experiential and curated conversations among leaders in the field of impact, sustainability and finance.

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Global Dialogues

Our global dialogues contribute to the growing impact agenda among investors around the world. Taking place in the Bahamas, Singapore and Zurich our FFI dialogues develop a conversation among our participants.

Regional Dialogues

FFI also convenes smaller, more intimate dialogues that focus on regional impacts and opportunities. These dialogues specialize in specific impact areas and contribute to the agenda of the global dialogues.

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