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Partner Programmes.

We rely on both regional and global partners who bring knowledge, expertise, and funding to make our dialogues a reality.

FFI’s Partner Programmes are an integral part of delivering our impact dialogues around the world.

This program is focused on specific regional events with partners who value engagement in a specific country or community, enabling them to connect better with investors and business leaders in their region.

There are three levels of engagement with FFI as an Event Partner:

Lectern 2

Convening Partners

Convening partners bring participants together through sponsored gatherings during the regularly scheduled events.

Content Partners

Content partners have a closer relationship with FFI and help set the content and agenda for the dialogue, tailoring the event to local/ regional investors and participants.

Global Partners

In addition to the event-specific partners, Forum for Impact works with partners that have more of a global remit. These tend to be multi-year partners who bring value to FFI participants across multiple events in various parts of the world. Global Partners also play an important role setting the longer-term agenda for our dialogues. They help cross-pollinate ideas and opportunities for the global dialogues and contribute a global perspective.

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