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Singapore’s transformation from a struggling city-state to a global sustainability leader exemplifies the power of visionary leadership and strategic initiatives.  

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Over the past five decades, Singapore has implemented various sustainability measures along this journey, starting just a few years after the city’s independence and continuing to this day.

Today, Singapore is one of the first countries in the world to have ratified the Paris Climate Agreement and stands at the forefront of sustainability with initiatives such as the Green Plan 2030, aimed at achieving all 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by 2030. Key achievements include significant advancements in water recycling, circular economy practices, and renewable energy adoption.

FFI Asia focused on three key themes for 2024: entrepreneurship and early-stage capital, international collaboration and foreign direct investment in impact, and creating successful and resilient impact funds focused on Southeast Asia. As part of Forum for Impact’s growing global dialogue on impact, FFI Asia brought together investors, family offices, and leaders from both public and private sectors to outline the priorities, challenges, and opportunities in the region.

A day of engaging dialogue in impact, investment, and purpose

In Singapore for the first time for 2024’s Forum for Impact Dialogue, engaging FFI
participants to discuss how their own approaches to impact finance can create new, lasting legacies for years to come.


Singapore’s Green Plan 2023 and opportunities for investment

International collaboration in the green economy

Climate and the emerging SGX Climate Impact Exchange

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