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Global Dialogues

FFI Americas

FFI Americas convenes investors, family offices and business leaders from across the US, Latin America and the MENA region. This annual dialogue focuses on a range of impacts both regional and global, in partnership with the Bahamian government and regional investors and financial institutions.

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FFI Asia

FFI Asia focuses on the five regions of Asia with a particular focus on Southeast and South Asia, as well as East Asia including China and Japan. Based in Singapore each year, our Asia dialogue highlights impacts from across Asia, bringing together the best and brightest in impact.

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FFI Europe

FFI Europe is an annual group of investors and family offices based across Europe with a global focus on impact and sustainable investment. Meeting in Zurich, FFI Europe brings the best of our global dialogues together with European leaders and investors to help bring new perspectives to the impact finance community.

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Regional Dialogues

FFI Canada

FFI Canada is Forum for Impact’s second regional programme for 2023. Convening on British Columbia‚Äôs beautiful west coast, FFI Canada brings together investors from across the world focusing on impact, resources, and working with indigenous communities.

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FFI Africa

FFI Africa is part of Forum for Impact’s new regional programme, highlighting local and regional impacts and opportunities to our global community of investors and thought leaders. Based in Nairobi, FFI Africa will focus on international investor collaborations across the African continent with a particular lens on economic development.

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